Jen Chan

UI/UX developer based in Toronto //

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UX Developer, Smile CDR, 2019-Present

  • Built web applications using HL7 FHIR API, Typescript, Angular, SCSS
  • Led design sprints for development of white-label MVP, reduced design iterations from 20 to 3.
  • Implemented style guides and enforced design consistency
  • Screening and recruitment of UX talent, contributed documentation for onboarding over 8 team members

Software Engineer, CapIntel, 2019

  • Built reusable UI components with sass, React, Typescript and ES6 from Zeplin designs. Wrote documentation.
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews for user research, tracked user feedback with AirTable, created user personas and tracked feature requests
  • Ran user testing sessions on design prototypes, tracked user feedback with AirTable

Support Engineer, ReCollect (remote), 2018

  • Tech support for 300 municipalities and their end users
  • Improved internal support tool with JavaScript in a custom web app on FreshDesk
  • Generated metric reports with PostgreSQL, Form integration with SeeClickFix API, GIS data imports with FME Workbench.
  • Wrote tech documentation that onboarded 5 team members
  • Bug triage and reproduction on SauceLabs, LogDNA, Pivotal Tracker. Dev environment on Docker, tmux, vim.

Front End Developer, Mirum, 2016 – 2017

  • Built and tested emails on 40 clients and browsers, quality-tested email automation tool
  • Wrote documentation for web accessibility (a11y) standards
  • Attended client briefings for product requirements, refined QA spec for emails
  • Git workflow and JIRA ticketing, sitemapping with PowerMapper

App Development Consultant, Trinity Square Video, 2017 – 2018

  • Collaborated with 2 developers to research and test different VR libraries. Created a web and mobile app gallery of VR artwork that don’t require a headset to view.
  • Launched V/Art Projects on iOS and Android.
  • Helped with creating VR art exhibition in a mobile app, provided artists with tech support in adapting their work to EEVO and JanusVR platforms
  • Relevant Press: Globe and Mail , Toronto Star

Lecturer, School of Art Institute Chicago, 2013 – 2015

  • Taught "Wired I", and "Wired II" (creative coding, glitch art, HTML, CSS, JS, Git, three.js, ProcessingJS)


  • Web Development Diploma, 2016
  • Syracuse University Masters of Fine Art, Art Video, 2010 – 2013
  • University of Toronto Mississauga HBA, Communications, Culture, Information Technology, 2006 – 2010
  • Sheridan College Diploma in Digital Culture 2006 – 2010
  • Sheridan College Diploma in Studio Art 2006 – 2010