Hello, my name is Jen. I'm a shapeshifter. People have told me I look or sound like someone they know.

I look young but I know how to use a semicolon and keep a spreadsheet on my business expenses. I'm the type to use the Marie Kondo folding method. I give a shit about lots of things like climate change, suffering, history, animals, and line height. I'm an artist, writer, and developer; this website shows off my dev skills.

I've been dabbling with dev since 2014. As an artist I was first really resistant to learning anything more rigourously technical but I soon got sucked into it as a means to a visual end. I got into coding somewhere between MySpace and making YouTube videos. Later on I taught creative code at art school. People invited me to speak at conferences and I have published in books. That was fun, but I enjoyed the learning part more than teaching.

I thought, "Why spend my waking hours cramming code to teach when I could just code all day?"

Since then I have worked in an office, as a consultant, at an agency, remotely, for a non-profit, and a software company. I have interned, thrice. I've weathered many periods of un(der)employment. I know this is terrible for my branding; I'm giving you this self-destructively earnest preamble just to say: Like any millennial out there, I don't know what I'm doing or how far I'll go. But as a matter of principle when I'm talking about myself, I won't sugarcoat. I do what I love and I love what I do. :)

Thanks for reading!

Periodic Updates

Jan 2019: Wrote this blogpost asking devs what production CSS should look like

Dec 2018: Landing page for Ben McCarthy, who needed something in a pinch. Site to come.

Nov 2018: As part of a code challenge I made this knock-off slack interface with CSS grid and flexbox with slig

Oct 2018: If Cats Need Art site launched along with Tiddl, a sound sampler app for cats and cat owners. We debuted our wee product at an exhibition in Montreal!

May 2018: The Carded.ca relaunched

Jan 2018: wrote a little rent splitter

Dec 2017: I blogged about (not) planning a web app.

Nov 2017: I helped with R&D for Trinity Square Video's VR art app and we got press.

This site was created with tachyons.


Screenshot of Zombie Solo Jazz webpage

Zombie Solo Jazz, web page made with 3JS and Javascript. An animated wallpaper of randomized rotating party cups with rotating red ball inside, array vision camera snippet, and an identical crack on each rim, for New Forms Festival in Vancouver

screenshot of third version of The Carded website

The Carded. Landing page for a Civic Tech project. HTML and CSS, a single-page app made with AJAX and vanilla js.

Landing page screenshot Important Men website

Important Men looks like a lifestyle website and modelling portfolio. Commissioned by IOTA and Canada Council for the Arts. Inspired by her recent work in digital advertising and different online initiatives to reform "toxic masculinity", I wanted to create my own series of male portraiture by photographing the important masculine influences in my life. Built with Node, Express, MongoDB and sendgrid API for sending an email with form input to the "agony aunty" Matthew's inbox. Email includes form which allows Matthew to respond. Both question and answer are stored on MLab/MongoDB's sandbox. Backend on Heroku (free tier), front end on github pages. Some attempt at ES6.
I blogged about what I learned here.

Photo of parody menswear website. Photo of parody menswear website.

Shirtify, a parody menswear site built with Angular 1.x, MongoDB, photo upload, admin side, login with authentication.

a website full of the latest complaints from twitter

General Complaints uses Twitter API and some language filtering to return the most outraged and whiney popular tweets from the past day or the last seven days. It was made with Angular 1.x, Moment.JS, Express and Node.

Screenshot of webpage

If Cats Need Art, web page made with Vue-Cli and webpack, Express server endpoint sending JSON from Google Sheets, deployed on Nearly Free Speech. The site was made with the intention of including future design projects related to UX for domestic cats.


Artist turned dev. I like to prototype in code. Previously support engineer at at ReCollect and front end dev at Mirum. I live in Toronto. Available for remote or fulltime work. I'm a former academic and event organizer. I occasionally review fancy foods that I can't afford. Years ago some very generous people made a wikipedia artist page of me.

Here's my resumé